Façades is the second body of work by Yinka Bernie, whose sound is usually calm, slow paced, and progressive at the same time. He possesses a sensual, nocturnal aura which is unique and exciting to the ears. To a level I think the title of the tape and the actual content of the tape are ironic, as Yinka uses it as a medium to actually reveal his current romantic conundrum.

Again, the first track starts off with him describing how a relationship he enjoyed turn sour and the hurtful feeling he suffered from the sudden switch up by his love interest. Nonetheless he wants to salvage said relationship. It a very passionate direction, enhanced with background vocals by Joyce Olong.

Epistles takes a more exotic direction describing past love experiences and loneliness. The bridge “Trop de nuits, je me suis trouvé tout seul” which translates to “Too many nights, I found myself alone” which is pretty much the premise on which all the verses on the song are made.  Idris King and Amaarae have verses on the song in which they plead to be put out of their misery and they reminisce on times they’ve shared with old partners respectively. Each individual tells their own story with different mannerisms but it all ends up sending a congruent message.

Rockstar concludes the body of work with a more accelerated tempo, and the drums are a focal point in the direction of its sound. AYLØ has the only traditional verse on the song as opposed to Yinka’s parts which is more of a chorus and hook. AYLØ’s verse was one to savor as he rides the beat easily like a cowboy on a stallion. He alternates flow effortlessly, starting off slow and begins to climax towards the end which is pretty similar to the way the hook & chorus are.

It’s only fitting to describe the EP as a honest effort in relating emotions and he definitely delivers maximum cruise.

Listen to Façades on SoundCloud

Written by Seun Osipitan (@manvibess)