Jamal Swiss spent a good part of 2017 performing to a horde of music lovers in Lagos. He did so alongside rapper, D-Truce. The Young Kulture series, as they called it, was their own way of plugging the gap of touring, a culture completely overlooked by Nigerian artists. Swiss and his partner, Truce did up to six shows which featured ready-known star, Simi, Maka, Sess, Minz and others.

Jamal Swiss

In his new single, “No Stress”, Jamal Swiss shows a visible progress in his approach to how he does his music. “No Stress” is not only the point where genres melt into each other in an harmonious blend, but also a point where a common phenomenon is aptly engraved in the face of history.

The Jay Blakez-produced “No Stress” opens with a traditional oja flute and rattling drums which soon gave way to a rather contemporary sounds. The aerophone and mild percussions continue to linger throughout the song. It becomes even more enjoyable as Jamal Swiss takes control of the sound and takes the listener on the joyous ride.

“No Stress” is not only a song to be enjoyed for its masterful marriage of highlife and trap. Jamal Swiss’s adept songwriting means that even as one sways to the music, the thing he sings and raps about still connects.

You got me acting like a lowlife

But I’m just trying to get the glo’ wife

I’m steady stressing pour me more ice

To see what’s it

I need like four eyes

In “No Stress” Jamal Swiss tells a genuine story of the Nigerian fixation with suffer-head. “No Stress” is about the tedious and unnecessarily long chase Nigerian girls put admirers through before they pay attention to the admirer(s). In the song, Swiss is frank about his intentions as he croons in the hook:

No stress, no gain

You sef overdo your own,

No! I no go leave you alone

Me, I go carry you go,

Carry you go o.

With prior releases like “Fun”, “Black Corolla” and a appearances at highly rated events like The Basement Gig and Gidi Culture Fest, one would not be too off-point if one describes Jamal Swiss as a rising star. The vivid storytelling and smooth delivery in “No Stress” are testimonies to Swiss’s steady rise to acclaim in the Nigerian music scene. One only hopes that from “No Stress” he would keep the growth curve up, like he did in his previous efforts prior to the release of “No Stress”.

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Listen to “No Stress” below:


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