Deena Ade is one of those young voices that promises you one thing and gives you that exact thing. Ade means what she says and she says what she means. In “Melo” she expresses an even stronger resolve. Deena Ade once performed “Melo” to a crowd of music enthusiasts at the Palm-wine Music Festival end of 2017. The pace of her delivery was just about enough to grab the attention of fleeting minds and to hold it too and on MP3 the song retains that same feature.

The mellow R&B song is produced by ThaBeatSmith. ThaBeatSmith’s blend of piano runs, snare drum and hard-to-notice kick complement Deena Ade’s sultry voice which sometimes give way to a PBR&B-esque echo.

“Vocals slippery like good pussy.” Deena Ade wrote in one of her bios. She is an emancipated voice and that voice only gets louder in “Melo” as she reveals: “I’ve got a crush on you, yeah, me I fit sing for you, you, you / wear my white tees make my nipples show, amma put it on you.”

Deena Ade sings un-embarrassedly about sexual empowerment, a theme which is often problematic for female artists. This direction is even more noticeable on her body of work, Side Chic EP. But on “Melo”, Ade sustains a more dominant, yet seductive voice throughout the runtime, a voice rife with so much conviction.

Deena Ade’s description on “Melo” is so vivid, one literally sees her raised nipples as she writhes sensually on a couch or the mattress while giving unequivocal clues to the person she desires. The cover art, an almost-nude lady with pierced nipples, all ready tells one what to expect. And the song accentuates the whole idea in the cover, coy as the title of the song is.

“Melo” is the lead single from Deena Ade’s upcoming project, The Cries of My Subconscious. The project is yet to get a release date, however.

On “Melo”, Deena Ade’s fidelity, her ability to keep to her word, is tested and she comes out shining.

Listen to Deena Ade’s “Melo” below: