The world is increasingly distrustful. The duo of Adnan & TTO, who together are known as Inver$e, are wary and in their new single “Cucarachas” they found a way to express their wariness without let.

The duo of Inver$e see themselves as Pablo Escobar and Gustavo—individuals renowned for their mindless brutality. In “Cucarachas” Adnan & TTO see distrustful humans as cockroaches.

“Cucarachas” is a metaphoric expression of their own perception of these humans. Perhaps, their choice to describe how they view people through a metaphoric sense was calculated to project a sense of dread in those people; of how worthless they are and how Inver$e will not hesitate to take them off, if need be.

In “Cucarachas” Inver$e rides on a trap-py beat overlayed with a distant hook. However, they are not in a hurry to pass their message. Each of their lines are rapped with immense patient just so you get the message.

“Whenever I’m with my girl, I feel like a black Christian Grey /

Travel out the country, chilling with the bae/

I know y’all niggas watching from the distance”

Listen to Cucarachas by Inver$e on #SoundCloud: