Since making her first appearance less than thirty months ago, Wavy the Creator has been a phenomenon for music lovers and fashion enthusiasts. The Creator does not appear too often, however. She only shows up once in a while: She keeps up with this trend with the release of her new song, “GTA” less than a week ago.

Like most of Wavy the Creator’s songs, “GTA” gets the same makeover of vocal layering and soft drum loops. Although, the presence of Akuchi gives the song something close to a trap ambience, it still does not shy away from what avid listeners of The Creator are familiar with.

Wavy the Creator knows how to use the presence of others to her advantage. On songs where she has had to appear alongside others artists like; Omagz’s “What You Like” and A-Q’s “Lekki-Epe Expressway” Wavy the Creator shines. But “GTA” does not offer enough shine for The Creator to steal.

Inspired by the popular Grand Theft video game, “GTA” does not follow a structured pattern. It adheres strictly to Wavy the Creator’s approach to making music as it just comes—an ethos upon which her career is founded. And at times, the singer gets repetitive in a way that suggests she has nowhere else to go.

“GTA” is not grounded in lyricism and/or adept songwriting. On most occasions, The Creator leaves her audience at the mercy of her sonorous melody.

“Run it, don’t chase it/

if I’ve got your back I can’t break it”

Wavy the Creator does not take ownership of “GTA”. She simply just let her melodious voice trail off without leaving a memorable impact. Because catalogue is not extensive, it would be inaccurate to say her music is too linear. What one can be sure of is that Wavy the Creator only shows glimpses of what she can do, but she has not quite proved she can do it well yet.

Listen to GTA – WAVY X AKUCHI by Wavy TheCreator on #SoundCloud