Lagos has been and will continue to be a muse for creatives the world over, especially those visiting or residing in the area. Photographer, Oluwamuyiwa Logor is in love with Lagos for many years and the love story will end not any time soon. The Monochrome Lagos creator has yet again find another way to milk Lagos of its creative juices. Only this time, he is doing it in a most peculiar way.

Recently, South African music producer, Loyiso Mzamane was in Lagos and the music producer was so inspired by his experience in the city. When he returned to his own city in South Africa, he immediately started creating works inspired by his visit to Lagos. Mzamane created music that is a fusion of music of Lagos, Afrobeat, Kwaito and House Music.

Don Loyiso would later send the beats to Logor, would had previously collaborated with South African visual artist, Richard Ketley.

“So I get a whatsapp message with simple rules: ‘Yo Logor, I want to share some beats with you and I trust your vision, do with them what you may.'” Logor wrote in a tweet about his interaction with Mzamane.

Logor explained that he began to tinker with a lot of ways to make the sound work.

“As I shot and walked – these sounds were the perfect score to what I was seeing so i had an idea but I was a bit unsure but you know thats all you need. So I decided to make films to the sounds, sort of work from answer to question.”

So far, the results are two experimental films, Afro-flourism and White Glove. Logor describes Afro-flourism as an attempt to capture the underbelly of Lagos.
“Afterhour briskly activated humans either making their way back home, hustling or simply relaxing, drenched in colorful low lit streets of Lagos with Loyiso’s beats acting as the unifying harmony steering the night.”

Watch Afro-flourism and White Gloves below: