Twist, a Nigerian fashion company is preparing to host its maiden fashion show and exhibition, Twist Fashion Show. Both the fashion show and the exhibition will hold on the 23rd of June, 2018.

Twist Fashion Show is a live event reflecting a movement of youth empowerment, especially in the fields of fashion and arts. The Twist show also has a philanthropic direction: 50% of its proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Mirabel Sexual Assault & Referral Centre for rape victims in Lagos.

The principles of Twist Fashion Show is based on Alexander McQueen’s submission that: “Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.”. The organisers of the Twist Fashion Show created the company as a dissent towards the homogenised forms that is the feature of new age fashion styles. These styles often lack creativity and uniqueness, which was once what it held.

The Twist Fashion Company, organisers of the Twist Fashion Show represent originality in the presentation and expression of all their works.

“[We] hope to revolutionise the fashion scene in terms of pricing and overall quality with handmade pieces originating from our motherland, Nigeria.”

The Twist Company’s direction include: gender equality, service to humanity and innovation & creativity. All of which is geared towards “improving the status of teenagers in Nigeria and promoting their opinions, views and dreams, which have the potential to constitute the improvement of the country.”

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