Ghanaian singer, Amaa Rae is very expressive in an attractive way. She does not appear to want to hide anything. And she does not indeed hide anything. In her songs, in her videos, in interviews. Everything.

Amaa Rae’s video for “Fluid” a song off her late late 2017 album Passionfruit Summers is out. The video is replete with what Rae stands for. It is minimal and straight to point.

In the video to “Fluid” Amaa Rae croons in a milky bath, sunflowers and all. The video is both tender and intimate, in spite the fact it is only Amaa Rae and her sunflowers, nothing else.

Her sensual voice, however, introduces a third party, who she tells “please don’t waste my time”, to the frame.

“Fluid” is classic Amaa Rae who wants to make music people can have sex to. The video to “Fluid” ticks all the necessary boxes.

Directed by: Fotombo

DOP: Fifi & Larry for Engrid Media

Colour Grading: David Nicole-Sey for North Production

Makeup by: Riri Makeovers

Special Assistant: PK