Fans of Lady Donli had to wait six months for a new Donli release. But here she is: with “Game” the entire wait is definitely worth it. “Game” is the first single off Lady Donli’s upcoming full-length project, Enjoy Your Life.

The release is coming off the heels of a recent milestone by one of Lady Donli’s best performing single, “Ice Cream” which got assistance from Tomi Thomas. That song just crossed 300k listens on Spotify.

The Lady Donli of “Games” is equally as exciting as the one on “Ice Cream”. Only this time, there is a lot more excitement, copious amounts of it on “Games”. “Games” is Lady Donli at her funky best. The support of GJ the Caesar is also befitting.

Neither Lady Donli nor GJtheCaesar is coy on “Games”. They simply did what had to be done. “Game” is not a corny side-lover story. It is filled boldly ambitious. This is the sort of maturation in themes and growth Lady Donli talks about her artistry.

Your girlfriend, your girlfriend? Tell me what she’s gonna do?

Hit me up when she goes back to school

’cause I’m not here to play this game

                — Lady Donli, “Games”

“Games” is produced by Nosa Apollo with support vocals from Tay Iwar & Preye. 

Listen to Lady Donli and GJtheCaesar’s 4-minute of  magic, “Game” below