Deelokz brings a lot of style on his new song, “Blackout”. The blend of traditional and contemporary music elements, as well as the samples in “Blackout” provides for a distinct listening experience. This is not different from what Deelokz did on his 2017 tape, Vinyl Plays. The rapper has a knack for revisiting music from time past and turning it into the new cool.

“Blackout” is grounded in Afrobeat and Afrobeat, by Fela and other artists after him, is well-known for its preference for socio-political subject matters. This is the same path “Blackout” tows with composer, Tosin Amire creating a fertile ground upon which Deelokz plants his dissenting bars.

A composer and multi-instrumentalist, Tosin Amire recreates the true Afrobeat experience by letting the beat run for a few moment before vocals came. In fact, a large proportion of “Blackout” is just musical elements excluding vocals and samples. But while doing this, Amire displays a keen sense of awareness for time.

The song, “Blackout” is a melting point of genres. Before Deelokz begins spitting rap bars over the supple congas and keyboards, there is an advocacy sample by Fela and then the holler of bus conductors takes over.

“Blackout” is a conscious song — a documentary — and it sort of chronicles some of the issues facing Nigeria at the moment. It does so in a magazine sort of way; touching variety of subjects from police brutality, legislative impunity to dysfunctional education system.

What makes “Blackout” a timely record is the way it documents contemporary police issues. It is so much that when the sample “oga wetin you dey find for my phone?” came up it rings apt.

“Bring your phone or you follow us to cell guy,

Chop slap go to jail and spend one night.”

— Deelokz raps.

While these lines sufficiently creates a picture of what an experience with the police is like, many may argue that police brutality deserves a whole verse of its own.

In “Blackout” both Deelokz and Tosin Amire have created music that in a few years time, when they listen to the song again, they would be proud of what they have done.


Listen to Blackout [a documentary] with ‘Tosin Amire by Deelokz on SoundCloud