By afternoon today, the 2018 World Cup would begin in Russia. Creative director, Kadeem Johnson has his own way of ushering in the grandest football competition. It is with his latest photoseries, Coupe du Monde.

Johnson, who spent his earlier years collecting football magazines, wants to create a series of World Cup related photographs which would pique the interests of both adolescents and adults alike.

Coupe du Monde is an experience in its own. And Kadeem Johnson and his Sunday School team render the series with intensity and attention to detail. Although, he could not present the whole 32-team nation in the series, his acknowledgement of the diversity of participants in the shoot is impressive.

“The World Cup brings together 32 nations for its tournament and it’s a globally watched event,” Johnson said of the project.

“It was only natural we try to portray the different ethnicities represented.”

Being an avid fan of the French National Team, Kadeem Johnson ensures the team is well-positioned in the series. Other countries portrayed in the series are: Nigeria, England, Brazil and Mexico — of which the uniting feature of these teams is the aesthetics of their jerseys.

“When I was thinking of the concept, I always wanted to make sure we were taking shots that made sure the models looked proud to be wearing the jersey, as if they were [truly] representing the countr(ies).”

This project is originally directed by Kadeem Johnson, NOT Josef Adamu as wrongly stated in an earlier version of this post. Apologies for the misrepresentation.

See the photos below: