2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year for Remy Baggins and he totally deserves it. The youngster is hardworking and is always looking forwards to making improvements to his music. Remy Baggins has been a part of some notable projects this year. Baggins, only less than two months ago, had released one of the best joint EPs released in Nigeria this year, yllw, with Eri-Ife. Now, on Ice Prince’s new project, Cold, the youngster gets some of the most conspicuous appearances.

Remy Baggins produced at least three tracks from Ice Prince’s new EP, Cold. The tracks include: “Shut Down”;  “Space Funk” and; “Tour 254”.

On Cold, Baggins asserts his funk influence to remarkable depths. The syncopated and elaborate rhythms on “Shut Down” and “Space Funk” ensure a finger-snapping and groovy listening experience.

There is a way Remy Baggins deploys his simple kicks, snares, riffs and bass lines in songs. Listening to Baggins’ works is an experience to relish and you should not sleep on him.

Listen to Shut Down ft. JethroFaded (Prod. by RemyBaggins) by Ice prince #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Space Funk ft. RemyBaggins (Prod. by RemyBaggins) by Ice prince #np on #SoundCloud