The scriptures say you should do away from premarital sex. This premarital sex, it is where all the evils of the world started from. But you cannot hold your body: you must to receive.

As it is now, you have to be very deliberate with the gives you accept. The sex you are having right now; the one you are planning to have; and the ones you have received can be used against you in the nearest future.

A flurry of false rape accusations are beginning to be what people do now. The girl who gave you is angry you did not hit it right, so she turns back and falsely accuse you. You have a little disagreement over t-fare with another, she decides to teach you a lesson.

Many a great men have been ruined by this small action. No. To say small is to trivialise it. When this accusations fly, they fly. People don’t care, you’re a rapist.

You don’t want to be a rapist. It is not a good thing to be. Don’t be it.

Here are the 4 things you must do before having that sex, and you can use it for all genders:

Get Consent

You and your partner have to agree you want to have sex. There has to be an agreement. Because she’s your girlfriend does not automatically mean you can have sex anytime like that. She has to give the consent. Don’t just jump in like that. Remember, get consent. Because she doesn’t complain also doesn’t mean “yes”. If she says “no” zip up and drink cold water or enter the bathroom and dial your soap’s phone number.

PS: if she’s underaged (below 18), she can’t give consent. If she’s drunk, she can’t give consent.

No ‘yes’, no knacks. No over do yourself.

Get Consent Again

Baby, are you sure you want to do this? He or she may not have made up her mind yet. Oestrogen and progesterone can be playing games with someone sometimes. To outwit these hormones, you need to ask again and again before you proceed to slide it in. It doesn’t kill the excitement if you ask, instead it builds it up. Remember; “Baby, are you sure you want to do this?”

Ask again, to be sure. And for rest of mind sake.

Don’t Act On Clues

If she’s not saying yes or no, don’t do it. You are both adults, you should learn to express yourselves. If she doesn’t say yes or no, don’t do it. She may say, for example: “Who’s holding you?” Or “What’s stopping you?” This is not explicit yes, so, tread sof’ly. “No” means “no”, remember?

You’re not impotent if you don’t do it when she comes to your house. Give her space, let her sit. Don’t go too close.

Never Ever Delete Receipts, Never!

What’s receipts? They are those things that can help you prove your case, should false accusation rear its head. Receipts may not save you from getting sacked or losing that business from folk who don’t want to be associated with any trouble, but it would save you from jail. Receipts = proof. It’s not a bad idea if you print consent form and get her to sign it before you collect.

Bro, I have your receipts.

Don’t Beg For Sex

If she wants it, she would ask for it and give proper consent. If you had to persuade and beg and do all those things to have the sex, it doesn’t count. She or he didn’t want to have the sex after all.

Just the tip, baby, just the tip. Plis dear.

The consent you get can be withdrawn at anytime. If it’s withdrawn, don’t push further. Wear you clothes and drink cold water. Then salad. “STOP!” that means “stop”, don’t pull the pant further again: Just say no vex. It’s not that awkward.

Use condom, don’t give somebody’s daughter STDs.

These views are solely that of the author’s and does not in anyway reflect that of Radronline as an entity.