For Illgod, every record is proof of his extensive listening ear. This range also extends to his writing. Illgod is a complex writer, but with surprising preference for simple and lean soul-influenced instrumentals.

The rapper/producer always ensures his works are stripped off of any distracting elements which could hamper listening experience. It is to enable listeners focus on the message. Illgod does this again in his new song, “Show You Something”.

“Show You Something” is a textbook Ill song produced by Black Intelligence who has also worked with the legendary Modenine. It rests on sharp snare drums, only this time there is a rattle here and a persistent, jazzy horn there.

Illgod wants to show you a personal side of him. Unarguably, “Show You Something” is Illgod’s most personal number yet. Illgod does not shower praises on himself as excessively, as rappers usually do. Instead, he takes listeners on a ride to a period far forgotten — something which must have required much thinking.

Poppa was broke, so he had to compose self/

When mom’s water broke, I’s had in a closet/

All wrapped at the door steps as mom’s finished/

The born-sinner, the bar spitter — the rug’s wetted/

With prospects and long penis

Illgod’s is a self-made documentary of the rapper.

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