Dwin, the Stoic has been preparing for a solo career for a while now. He was making efforts for a solo career inspite being part of the Ignis Brothers. His solo goal does not however interfere with his efforts with the group. Dwin only just released his first solo project, Heavy Heart, a few days ago.

One of the first singles off the album, “Happy Song” now has a video. Dwin, the Stoic was comfortable to tow the path of animation. The stop animation video for “Happy Song” was done by The Grand Vezir.

“Happy Song” is already a brooding song. The animated video only accentuated the heaviness of the song.

You expect that for a man named Dwin, the Stoic the song would be bereft of any sort of emotion — especially, one that sinks your mood. But here, the Stoic has feelings and that feeling is passed on to you as the head of one of Dwin’s character hit a static plank.

This was meant to be a happy song.

Good thing the singer himself admitted so.

Watch The Video Below