Whatever you are doing tomorrow, The Self Expression Exhibition will be holding at Wère House in Lekki, Lagos and it is where you should be. You should show up at the exhibition venue to support the artists that would be showing their select works there. The good thing about The Self Expression Exhibition is that you can go there hand-in-hand, with your partners. The atmosphere is lit, too! And selfie-friendly. While consuming the art and supporting the artists, you can take selfies your friends would ask you “Yo, where did you take this photo? It’s foineee!”

The Self Expression Exhibition has a roll call of some of the best next generation of artists. These group of artists would be showing works ranging from 2D art, 3D art, live painting, photography and some other art forms. I assure you, these artists are good at what they do and you will see for yourself as you enter the venue tomorrow from 2PM.

Chigozie, Ajet of ArtofAjet, Emeka, Kamal, Abisola Gbadamosi, Anny Inferno, Simisola Babalola, Ahmed Abiodun, Fifoluwa Adebakin, Olaloye Bolaji and some many other artists would be showing their works. Asides this being a chance of interacting with the artists directly, it is also a choice to witness the amazing energy these community of young artists is packed with.

I spoke with the co-convener of The Self Expression Exhibition, Tiwalade Adegbuyi a few weeks ago. She tells me this year’s edition would be rather expansive. Why, because they would be exploring different artforms and medium of expression.

“Last year, we only explored 2D art. As we expand and keep getting bigger, we’re looking to explore other art forms and mediums of expression,” Tiwalade said.

Tiwalade Adegbuyi and Gbenga Olaniyi, the other convener first decided to work together last year. They agreed that they needed to create a platform where people can just chill and have a good time while enjoying art. They did the first edition and that thing banged!! So, they thought, why not do it again?

“It was supposed to be a one time event, just an avenue for people to meet each other, catch up, chill while enjoying art. Sort of like a kick back but centred around art,”

This is how The Self Expression Exhibition came to be something that’d be done repeatedly. Tomorrow is looking bright and ready to be some bombass weekend. You should not be sitting at home watching TV or browsing the internet. Go to Wère House, the venue of the exhibition and have a good time. Post on social media too, let them know it’s lit at The Self Expression Exhibition, make e for no loss.

Venue opens: 2PM on Saturday 21st of July, 2018.