Whomever “Dirty Diana” is, Famous Bobson has a message for her in the new song, “Boti”. Famous Bobson is assisted by his contemporaries, Santi, Minz and Damayo in the song.

“Boti” is an afropop tune with a little RnB influence. You could hear vocal samples from Nelly’s “Dilemma” echo as Bobson sings. But all the 2000 RnB undertone asides, it is more of Olu Maintain.

“Boti” asides the title has similar melody with Olu Maintain’s “NAWTi”. This by any means does not take anything away from the originality of “Boti”.

Santi also brings a dancehall twist to the song which sees Famous Bobson, Santi and Minz crooning all the sweet, soft things to their “Dirty Diana”.

Listen to “Boti” by Famous Bobson, Santi, Minz and Damayo