Aramide has decided enough is enough with the love songs. This time she comes out all fire and brimstone to deal with her haters. She does not do it alone. Aramide gets an able partner, Timaya to accompany her on the journey. This is where Timaya thrives: in conversations that requires ripping enemies and haters apart.

“Fall On Them”, Aramide’s second single off her yet-to-be-named sophomore album, is produced by SizzlePro. “Fall On Them” is a combination of the afro-Nigerian sounds, most of which are common in contemporary afropop tunes. These elements work well to create a catchy number.

“Fall On Them” uses a call-and-response style chorus. This means that the likelihood of the song sticking in the listener’s head after a listen is very high.

This song will soon find a place in churches and in the mouth of people who are in the same mood. Of which, this people are plenty.

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