“There are new spaces opening up. Brands [are] doing powerful, powerful work, creating crazy collections with amazing imagery, telling stories that haven’t been told,” Baingor Joiner said in a recent interview.

An example of those brands is WAFFLESNCREAM who Joiner has worked with. His recent work with the brand is Dry/Harmattan 18/19 photo series.

The WAFFLESNCREAM collective have been promoting skating and urban culture in Nigeria over the years. The Dry/Harmattan 18/19 project tows this line. This series features muscle builders and it deploys familiar street slangs in its title.

Each of the photograph gets apt captions adding meaning and context to it.

Baingor Joiner is a 24-year old photographer and self-described Creative Consultant. His works were recently shown by the renowned style magazine, Vogue.

See the photos below: