What do you identify as? This is 21st century problem especially with millennials and travelled lots who find that they are neither here nor there. The creative director of Switch, Zharadeen Mohammed shot his new project, “Me Africa” with this identity crisis in mind.

Zharadeen wanted this work to inspire Africans to be unapologetically African. He uses his muse and afrocultural elements to as conduit to send his message.

“Me Africa” places blackness in its deepest, contrasting form. Some of the afrocultural elements in the project include cowries, an archaic form of transaction and wealth measurement as well as a key fixture in warrior attires.

In “Me Africa”, Zharadeen’s muse has a keen stare and bold stance, something peculiar to warriors. It also has a multi-African cultural influences. The costume could easily be from Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and elsewhere.

“It is about an African man defining all is practices as Afro cultural. I did the shoot to inspire cultural believes and practices amongst African youths,” Zharadeen says of the project.

In his other work, Zharadeen merges both western and African youth culture to create a decent shoot.

See shoot below