A lot of people were angry no one told them Chimamanda Adichie was going to hold somewhere in Lagos. Those who had prior information held it close to chest. Admittedly, the anger of those who missed the interactive session was justified. Because of course, Adichie spat a lot of gems, as she always did.

An Afternoon With Chimamanda held at The Workstation in Victoria-Island, Lagos. The truth about this event was, it was sold out, even though it was free.

If you missed this one, there is another one coming between November and December. In the meantime, these are some of the 5 best moments from the event:

When Adichie Dismantled Bride Price

The bride price discussion has always caused chaos among people when it is brought up. Adichie believes the whole idea is disgusting, since no is buying or selling anyone.

How She Felt About Reactions To Her Hillary Clinton Comment

Arguably one of Chimamanda Adichie’s most controversial moments in 2018, her comment about former US presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton using “wife” as a first description on Twitter in spite of her numerous achievements sparked outrage all over the years. Adichie said felt close to tears when her mother saw negative comments about her all over the media.

When Ozzy Etomi Introduced Herself & The Crowd Cheered

The ministry is moving.

Ozzy Etomi is famous for her comments on women’s right on Twitter. She would go ahead and tell Adichie to keep “collecting male tears. Put it in your facial serum.” Wild!

Denola Grey On His Sexuality

A few days ago, someone tweeted that fashion killa, Denola Grey is the type of guy that uses waist beads. Grey’s response to comments like this is often empowering. The TV host has embraced his feminine and masculine side, human side, and it all makes full sense!

That’s all.