In July, Dice Ailes released the jam, “Diceyyy”. Three months later, he put out a befitting video for it. “Diceyyy” was released alongside “Enough For You” in July.

The video for “Diceyyy” was directed by Tee Tash and shot in Canada. It opens with a stage performance scene. There is a shower of noise to herald Dice Ailes’s presence on the stage. “Diceyyy” has Ailes relishing every moment of his new found fame.

Dice Ailes appears to have waited for this for far too long. In subsequent frames in the video, Dice Ailes is chased about by a group of female fans as he sings “fine fine girls dem love me now”.

Moving forwards, the obsession of the “fine fine girls” starts to near stalking as they write messages on cardboard and followed Dice Ailes everywhere. Of course, in this type of situation, the singer experienced a little burnout as he speeds off in his high-end cars.

Dice Ailes would later confirm his love for this kind of life by bragging about his social standing.

“You no dey my level, ma lo farawe / you no dey my level, ma lo ya ju si mi,”

Watch the video below