Following the immensely favourable reception to “Mainland Cruise”, talented rapper, Jamal Swiss teams up with singer, Mich Straaw and producer, Jay Blakez for his new song, “Jam”.

“Jam” is a bouncy number which is entirely enjoyable. Jamal’s rap melody is complemented by Mich’s silky hook delivered with a soothing & confident voice. Jamal remains characteristically calm as he fits every syllables into his bars.

Jamal and Mich Straaw portray the ultimate “tag-team” as they play wingman for each other on a night out in the club looking for FUN.

Speaking on the song’s essence, Jamal says:

“You know how you could be out at night; open to ‘mingle’, but just for that night; like you don’t even need it to stretch to the next morning. That’s what JAM is about.”

Jamal is fond of making music that resonates based on real life experiences, and with JAM he narrates a piece of his reality on some heavy 808 infused production. The instrumentation of the song is snappy and Mich’s melody on the chorus lingers long after the music stops.

Listen to “Jam” by Jamal Swiss on YouTube